Tackling risk everywhere

Flooded streets after a storm (photo)

At Swiss Re, we have one of the industry’s broadest risk knowledge. From emerging risks to natural catastrophes, our forward-looking approach has a global reach, assessing risks that threaten big metropolises and rural communities alike.

Tackling all kinds of risk

Increasing resilience begins with a deeper understanding of the great variety of perils that may impact lives and economies around the world. We aim to expand the definition of risk, by assessing and measuring all kinds of threats, both globally and regionally.

“Resilience means helping communities everywhere face even the smallest, yet menacing, risk.”

Peter Zimmerli

Head Atmospheric Perils, Swiss Re

Insight and investment

Our understanding of risk and how to price it is one of our differentiating factors. To help clients design innovative products we must not forget risks that have traditionally received little attention by the industry. That is why we continue to invest in broadening our risk knowledge, offering our findings to clients, paving the way for effective risk management and helping close protection gaps.