Empowering employees, enabling teams

Swiss Re universally adopts an agile work culture throughout its global footprint. Our new offices in Zurich, New York and Bratislava are designed around this concept.

Swiss Re employees at new offices in Zurich, New York and Bratislava (photo)

Embracing individual preference

At Swiss Re, we enable everyone to reach their full potential, as individuals and as teams. We align our working environments and methods with evolving social trends and challenging market conditions.

“Own The Way You Work is an integral part of the Swiss Re culture. It’s based on a mutual commitment between the company and the individual, between the team and each team member, between the line manager and the employee.”

Thomas Wellauer

Group Chief Operating Officer

It’s not about face time

A few years ago, we introduced Own The Way You Work (OTWYW) as a comprehensive programme to promote agile working. In alignment with the needs of clients and colleagues, our people appreciate being largely free to organise their day.

Swiss Re employees at new offices in Zurich, New York and Bratislava (photo)

A global presence demands agility

We’ve enriched our vision for the way we work at Swiss Re with cutting-edge technology and flexible workplace solutions. These shape an ambitious and creative company culture, where everyone performs at their best.


Our embrace of cutting-edge technology enables us to communicate across boundaries and work on various devices. We can easily collaborate long distance, from the office, from home and en route. No matter where the expertise is, we’ll connect.

Swiss Re employees at new offices in Zurich, New York and Bratislava (photo)

Diverse tasks, diverse workspaces

Different kinds of tasks are best accomplished in different kinds of workspaces. Flexible concepts support a truly collaborative environment where people can pick a workspace to match the task they’re performing and be more productive.

Full lives, flexible schedules

At Swiss Re we have diverse needs and professional responsibilities. OTWYW provides us with the leeway to manage our day and focus on output and the value we create.

Swiss Re employees at new offices in Zurich, New York and Bratislava (photo)

By design

All our offices feel uniquely Swiss Re and are designed to enable everyone to work effectively. Sometimes, we work from home, as agreed with our line manager and teams.

Empowering teams, enabling employees

At Swiss Re, we’re empowered to spend our time on what matters most, recognising the needs of our clients, our teams and our shareholders.

With trust and flexibility, with the right technology and workplaces, we’re enabled to be productive and effective to achieve better outcomes.