2017 Key highlights

Seizing opportunities

In 2017, Swiss Re entered several new partnerships, including working with the World Bank to co-structure their pandemic risk bond – the first of its kind. We also strengthened our footprint in Asia by establishing a dedicated reinsurance regional legal entity in Singapore and we received a branch license to operate in India, as one of the first foreign reinsurers.

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Net income

(USD millions)

Net income (USD millions) (bar chart)

Shareholders’ equity

(USD millions)

Shareholders’ equity (USD millions) (bar chart)

Net premiums and fees earned by business segment, 2017

(Total: USD 33.7 billion)

Net premiums and fees earned (USD millions) (pie chart)
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Research and development

Throughout 2017, with the development of the Swiss Re Institute, we reaffirmed our commitment to investing in developing and publishing industry-relevant research from internal experts and external partners, in an effort to close the protection gap and make the world more resilient.

Financial strength ratings

Standard & Poor’s


(as of 24.11.2017)



(as of 19.12.2017)

A.M. Best


(as of 07.12.2017)

Enhancing our investment portfolio

Our knowledge-based approach continues to guide our capital allocation strategy, as we target the optimal mix of assets and liabilities. In 2017, we became one of the first in the re/insurance industry to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) benchmarks into our investment decisions.

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Proposed regular dividend per share for 2017



(CHF 4.85 for 2016)