How we operate

Reinsurance creates stability. By managing risks and covering losses, we protect investments and enable economic growth.

Market forces

The reinsurance business model

Our approach and why

Shifting client needs

The set of risks – social, economic, political and environmental – is growing and changing ever more quickly.

We cost, price, structure and diversify risk

Innovation and strength

We help clients handle challenges such as longevity and catastrophe risk with innovative, fully developed insurance solutions.

For examples of how we have helped clients meet their changing needs, read the stories from the Reinsurance and Corporate Solutions Business Units of the Business Report.

Changing regulations

The pace of regulatory change in the financial industry has accelerated, and its scope is growing.


Claims payment

Capital relief

Risk coverage

Advocating a smart response

We support a range of measures that will help financial industries to continue conducting business effectively and sustainably — indeed, we make it our business.

To see how our capital strength allows us to turn regulatory uncertainty into good business, read the Admin Re® story of the Business Report.

Momentary equilibrium

While re/insurance prices have held steady in 2012, a variety of factors, including low interest rates and regulatory change, point toward prices rising higher.

We receive up-front premiums

A structure for success

Our realigned corporate structure enables capital to move more efficiently among our businesses, allowing us to be agile in meeting Group-wide financial targets — no matter where we are in the cycle.

To see how our businesses have performed in 2012 read the summary performance reviews. For full details, see Group results of the Financial Report.

Low interest rates

Persistently low interest rates challenge the profitability of both life and non-life insurers.

We invest until money is needed

Asset-liability management

We apply a top-down, Group-wide investment strategy consistently across all Business Units’ (BUs) investments. Each BU’s characteristics and objectives are reflected in its strategic asset allocations.

To read about our Group and BU investment results, see Group results of the Financial Report.

Renewing trust

Many factors, weak growth and high unemployment among them, are putting pressure on private sector institutions to prove their social value.

We compensate for losses


Broad resilience and sustainability

We embrace our role in supporting resilience against natural catastrophes and other perils. In 2012 we were named the most sustainable company in the insurance sector for the fifth year in a row by SAM, provider of one of the world’s leading corporate sustainability benchmarks.

To see some of the measures we have taken to maintain and build long-term value, see Building long-term value of the Business Report.