Market acknowledges Corporate Solutions’ innovation power

Insurance industry experts award Corporate Solutions for its innovation capabilities in the areas of weather and credit risk management

The ability to develop innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its clients is a key pillar of Corporate Solutions’ value proposition. In 2012, insurance industry experts awarded Corporate Solutions for its innovation capabilities in the areas of weather and credit risk management where the company is a recognised leader.

Weather Risk Management Transaction of the Year Award

Environmental Finance, a leading trade publication, acknowledged Corporate Solutions for structuring the first insurance transaction for a Chinese energy company, Guangdong Meiyan Hydropower, based on a precipitation index. The jury of environmental finance experts considered the transaction a milestone toward accessing the world’s largest hydropower market. The structure of the deal is both simple and effective: Corporate Solutions helps protect the client’s revenues through a contract based on actual rainfall levels, paying out if it rains less than a given amount in a particular place, over a defined period. By using precipitation data from meteorological offices, the solution reduces the insurer’s administrative costs and moral hazard risk. For the client, it guarantees fast pay-outs and stable revenues.

Best Trade Credit Underwriter Excellence Award

Trade & Forfaiting Review, a leading trade and supply chain finance publication, gave Corporate Solutions its Best Trade Credit Underwriter Excellence Award. The award is granted based on votes of industry experts, underlining the reputation of the Corporate Solutions’ Credit team. With its innovative Structured Trade and Project Finance solutions, the team supports clients in a business environment marked by challenges such as the European debt crisis as well as regulatory developments (eg Basel III, Solvency II). These solutions allow financial institutions and commercial banks to manage their capital more efficiently and benefit from Corporate Solutions as a stable and reliable source of capacity in trade, commodity and project finance.