Q&A with David Gomez,
Head Corporate Partnerships at Swiss Re

How does the Corporate Partnerships team create value?

Our focus has been on building, intensifying and advancing collaboration with selected corporate partners that will bring significant value to the company, clients and shareholders.

Corporate Partnerships establishes the alignment between our mission and company values and those of our potential partners. We then evaluate partnerships based on innovation, size and scalability. We strive to create risk partnerships with leaders in their industries in order to develop transformative business models and create cutting-edge new solutions together.

Corporate Partnerships has made good progress since its launch in 2020, facilitated by Corporate Solutions’ direct access to major global corporations. We efficiently bundle and deliver Swiss Re’s assets and offerings from across the Group by quickly connecting the right people and content with the right partners.

What makes a successful partnership, according to you?

Aligning company cultures and purposes is essential to building trusting and long-standing partnerships. Additionally, the businesses must be complementary by nature, so that the sum of their parts is greater than what either company could do alone.

You need to develop deep insights of your partner and its ecosystem. Maintaining a successful partnership requires continuous effort on both sides. We build our partnerships with a long-term view rather than just being transactional.

Together, we test and create solutions for critical business challenges in re/insurance and other industries.

Which achievement in 2021 are you most proud of?

The Corporate Partnerships team was established during the COVID-19 lockdowns and so the first time we could meet up with each other and our partners was in the summer of 2021.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, for instance the need to shift to purely virtual meetings, we have managed to maintain the momentum around corporate partnerships within Swiss Re.

In 2021, we worked on over 60 projects with 17 partners. We have established a professional and efficient institutional partnership management best practice.

Can you reveal any plans for 2022?

We have promising business opportunities in the pipeline for 2022. We will further deepen our relationships with existing partners and selectively expand to a broader number of players.

Overall, we aim to be the risk partner of choice to support businesses and ecosystems in their transformation and innovation goals.

Our strategy in action
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