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2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our approach to corporate responsibility

We are committed to being a responsible company. Playing our part in enabling sustainable progress serves as a guiding principle for our actions.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility

Swiss Re has a long-standing commitment to being a responsible company. A key element in our understanding of what this means is the desire to play our part in enabling sustainable progress, for the benefit of our clients and society at large. Taking this long-term view helps us pursue our vision of making the world more resilient and is embedded in our value framework, which means “doing business the Swiss Re way”.

Importantly, this commitment is also in our own best interest: it strengthens our capabilities to address both risks and opportunities created by longer-term environmental and social challenges and, as a consequence, to retain our licence to operate.

Our external commitments

Based on our commitment to corporate responsibility and enabling sustainable progress, we have signed up to a number of external charters and initiatives:

Our vision
We make the world more resilient

Our values mean
doing business the Swiss Re way:

  • Being open, honest and transparent in everything we do.
  • Treating everyone with respect – both inside and outside the company.
  • Taking the long-term view and playing our part in enabling sustainable progress – for stakeholders and society in general.
  • Creating an inclusive culture that encourages diversity of thought and opinion.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility:

“Corporate responsibility” expresses Swiss Re’s commitment to being an open, honest and transparent organisation that treats all its stakeholders – employees, shareholders, clients, government agencies and the general public – with respect and integrity. In particular, we aim to take the long-term view and to play our part in enabling sustainable progress.

You can download our full commitment at

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