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2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Leadership and management development

Our ambition is to accelerate the development of leadership and managerial skills in order to inspire a multi-generational workforce. Our leadership development architecture supports the execution of our ambition through focused development of critical leadership and management skills. We have significantly increased our investment in developing managerial and leadership skills (+27% compared to 2014) and spent considerable time embedding our Leadership and Personal Imperatives to drive a high performance and feedback culture. Given our focus on this area, we are pleased to see evidence of an improved feedback culture and quality of development conversations, as supported by a +20% increase in our 2016 Employee Engagement Survey results. Thus, our employees feel significantly more positive about their career opportunities.

To support our growth ambitions in high growth markets, we have introduced targeted training to equip leaders with the necessary skills to create an impactful recruitment experience. Furthermore, we developed our leadership capabilities in high growth regions through targeted development programmes.

Going forward, we will further strengthen the capabilities of our line managers and prepare them to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing environment. We will integrate our existing programme offerings into a new leadership development architecture with a manager curriculum at every management level, complemented by our specific programmes suited to develop our talent pipeline.