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Russel Higginbotham RGB
Russell Higginbotham, CEO Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions

Over the past decade, the insurance industry has increasingly embraced digitalisation. Swiss Re's Reinsurance Solutions division has responded in turn by developing digital technologies that unlock value for our partners.

Our focus on digital solutions is two-fold: Firstly, our Reinsurance Solutions team is exploring how to maximise our established technological solutions to allow our clients to increase efficiencies and grow profitably. Secondly, our team is meanwhile building the partnerships that will allow companies in adjacent industries to expand within the risk knowledge and insurance space.

Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions is comprised of close to 400 risk experts. In line with our One Swiss Re approach, we bring specialised solutions to both our Property & Casualty Reinsurance (P&C Re) and Life & Health Reinsurance (L&H Re) Business Units.

In addition, our Risk Consulting and Analytics teams help solve our partners' problems and realise their opportunities by offering expertise and insights into areas such as data analytics and behavioural economics – topics that prove relevant across the entire insurance value chain. Our distribution partnership specialists open the door to more expansive partnerships with non-client insurers, technology providers and corporate clients who are looking for risk management solutions.

Reinsurance Solutions' success in 2023 was achieved by maximising the proven benefits of established solutions, while also incorporating innovations. The CatNet® solution, for example, continues to see high demand from P&C Re and Corporate Solutions' clients. In 2023, corporate risk managers used our online natural catastrophe intelligence tool as a resource to visualise their exposure worldwide through our background maps and satellite imagery.

On the L&H Re side, Magnum remains a leading automated underwriting solution. Utilising the intelligence from Swiss Re's Life Guide – the industry's number one underwriting manual according to the prestigious Global L&H Re Study by NMG Consulting – Magnum allows life insurers to onboard new customers efficiently and at speed, while maintaining the integrity of risk selection.

When it comes to innovation, one of our teams formed new partnerships to bring our automated life claims solutions to clients in the US. The Automated Claims Experience (ACE) solution simplifies and quickens the process of filing a claim on a life insurance policy.

For the Swiss Re Group, the Reinsurance Solutions business remains strategically significant because we provide new revenue streams by generating fee-based business.

As we scale up our capacity, we recognise that our investment in product development needs to generate the best possible returns. To this end, we have placed primary importance on strongly controlling costs while increasing revenue through our existing and new clients. This will allow us to charge the right price for reinsurance solutions and to create new income streams by broadening our existing client relationships as well as targeting new clients.

Highlights of the Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions suite

Natural catastrophe solutions

CatNet® Suite
An intuitive and easy-to-integrate online location intelligence tool to visualise portfolio exposure worldwide, unlock new risk pools and serve clients better.​

Rapid Damage Assessment
Natural catastrophe claims processing platform with proprietary hazard models and artificial intelligence to respond to weather events with agility.

Risk consulting and analytics

Portfolio insights
Analytics application providing clients with intuitive data representation and analytics power to assist in highlighting accumulation risk in their insurance portfolio.

Commercial Insurance Insights – an analytics application for risk assessments and market insights to accurately identify growth opportunities in the commercial insurance market.

Automated underwriting

Founded on Swiss Re's Life Guide, the global number one underwriting manual, this cloud-based automated underwriting platform offers streamlined risk assessment capabilities.

Digital Health Underwriting (DHU)
A next generation underwriting solution, automating the underwriting of first and second-level medical evidence, allowing insurers to obtain precise, accurate assessments in seconds.


Automated Claims Experience (ACE)
ACE is a game-changing tool for streamlining the claims process. It is designed around the claimant to deliver a simple, more empathetic experience with a faster claim adjudication.

Claims Automate Rules Engine (CARE)
CARE simplifies the claims process by providing automated risk assessment, claims triaging, guidance to claims managers and automated payment of claims. 

Russel Higginbotham
Russel Higginbotham

Russell Higginbotham

CEO Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions

Russell Higginbotham's leadership at Swiss Re has spanned various key strategic areas. As CEO UK & Ireland, Head of Life & Health Products Reinsurance, CEO Reinsurance EMEA, and CEO Reinsurance Asia, Russell has led Swiss Re's engagement with the world's largest insurance companies. Thanks to his talent for innovation and forming new partnerships, Russell was nominated to lead the new Reinsurance Solutions division. He will soon celebrate 30 years at Swiss Re.

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