Engaging our people


Our clients and partners are at the heart of our People Strategy. We achieve our common goals through our human capital: our people. Delivering on the Group People Strategy is a key value driver for the financial performance of Swiss Re’s Group Strategy.

2021 highlights:


“Leadership care“ was rated highly again in our employee survey


High Group-wide participation in Group Strategy hacks and “must-wins” sessions have helped employees understand how they contribute to Swiss Re’s success


The global Swiss Re adjusted gender pay gap between men and women, showing our dedication to equal pay


Measures committed to through the Leadership Pledge for Mental Health, which aims to make good mental health in the workplace a priority globally

Engaging our people: past milestones

The following selected milestones have marked Swiss Re’s sustainability journey in Human Resources:

COyou2 Programme

Our internal engagement programme COyou2 was launched in 2007 with the aim of helping employees reduce their personal carbon footprints. The programme was replaced by its successor, NetZeroYou2, in 2021

Flexible working

Our flexible working scheme Own The Way You Work™ (OTWYW) was introduced in 2011

Graduates Programme

Our [email protected] programme, which was launched in 2007, has won a Job Crowd Award five times in a row since 2015

Gender Equality

Swiss Re has been included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index since 2019

Performance Management

Swiss Re’s approach to performance management went “ratings-free” in 2020. Our new approach is based on regular feedback, with a clear focus on development and outcomes rather than focusing solely on year-end results