Engaging in dialogue with our stakeholders


We engage in regular dialogue with our stakeholders. By co-creating knowledge and sharing expertise, we help society advance effective responses to key risks and challenges.

2021 highlights:

Launched the Swiss Re Sustainability Client Programme, holding it three times during the year

Published two flagship Expertise Publications on climate change

Actively contributed to the global dialogue on climate change with our partners

Conducted an extensive global consumer investigation into mental wellbeing, with a focus on seven markets

Continued to provide information and insights on the COVID-19 pandemic through our dedicated portal at swissre.com

Our re/insurance solutions help our clients and partners manage the risks they face. This in turn supports economic stability and helps create growth potential. However, many of today’s risks are complex and may threaten sustainable progress. To find effective, long-term responses to such risks, partners from the public and the private sectors must work together. We therefore attach great importance to engaging in an active dialogue with our principal stakeholders, which include:

  • Clients: cedents, brokers, corporates, government entities, multilateral organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Financial community: investors/ shareholders, rating agencies, shareholder associations, stock exchanges
  • Employees
  • Political and legal entities: multilateral organisations, governments, regulators, standard-setting boards
  • Civil society: the general public, NGOs, academia
  • Our role as a risk knowledge company and ultimate risk-taker in society means that we have an intrinsic interest in pursuing productive dialogues with our stakeholders. Drawing on the expertise from our core business, we identify key risks and take an active role in discussions about them.

    We share, exchange and co-create knowledge through many channels, eg our publications, international dialogue platforms, and client and partner events, as well as cooperation with governments, NGOs and academic institutions. Swiss Re Institute plays a key role in our dialogue with stakeholders.

    Our focused efforts generate valuable feedback and new insights for risk management and product development, sharpening our understanding of key perils and sustainability issues. The three 2030 Sustainability Ambitions of our Group Sustainability Strategy (see “Our approach to sustainability”) provide an important focal point for these efforts.

Our 2030 Sustainability Ambitions

Throughout this chapter, the following icons indicate which Sustainability Ambitions are addressed by each of the stakeholder dialogue activities featured here.

Sustainability icon

Mitigating climate risk and advancing the energy transition

Sustainability icon

Driving affordable insurance with digital solutions

Sustainability icon

Building societal resilience

Stakeholder dialogue: past milestones

The following selected milestones have marked Swiss Re’s sustainability journey to engage in dialogue with our stakeholders:

Swiss Re Institute

Established in 2017, Swiss Re Institute harnesses Swiss Re’s risk knowledge to produce data-driven research across the company and with partner organisations.

Centre for Global Dialogue

First opened in 2000, the Centre for Global Dialogue is Swiss Re’s state-of-the-art dialogue resort in Rüschlikon, near our headquarters in Zurich.

Expertise Publications

Our Expertise Publications offer expert analysis of risk topics in regional markets and the global re/insurance industry.

sigma series

For more than 50 years, our sigma publications have been a trusted source of market information for managers and specialists in the re/insurance industry.

Client Programmes

For more than 60 years, Swiss Re has been offering training to professionals from the re/insurance industry. Our courses range from basic to advanced and from broad to specialist.