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Annual Report 2015

Strategy in action

A framework that builds from our current strategy, enabling us to move to the next stage in our transformation to be an agile capital allocator in insurance and associated asset risks.


Using key trends and metrics to achieve results

Our Reinsurance Business Unit uses key trends and metrics to contribute to the Group’s overall optimal capital allocation through both its Property & Casualty and Life & Health segments.

For the past few years we have been increasing the contribution from our target high growth markets in Property & Casualty, while at the same time tapering off property business where prices have reached unsustainable levels. In Life & Health we’re keeping up the same momentum in target high growth markets and growing the relative share of health business.

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Strategic objective one

Systematically allocate capital to risk pools / revenue streams


Finding new clients and new risks

One way to access new risks is by working with new clients — such as in partnership with governments and multilateral institutions.

Since 2011 our Global Partnerships business has closed more than 200 transactions on behalf of these clients, often giving protection to risks that had either been under-insured or completely uninsured previously. In 2015 we helped protect people from drought in Africa, hurricane in the US and Caribbean, earthquake in Turkey and floods in the UK — to name only a few.

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Strategic objective two

Broaden and diversify client base to increase access to risk


Bringing deep insight and industry understanding

Smart analytics and cognitive computing are key tools for optimising the way we work and driving a competitive edge across our businesses.

In Reinsurance we’re drawing from a wide range of data sources to model motor accident rates in China. Rapid sales analytics in Corporate Solutions help us close deals — and deliver solutions — faster. Smart analytics help us gather data on hot topics and industry trends. We look forward to breakthroughs in Life & Health underwriting through our partnership with IBM.

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Strategic objective three

Optimise resources and platforms to support capital allocation


Setting ourselves apart by generating knowledge

More than three hundred highly-educated employees work in basic research of insurance. Fifty are at work modelling natural catastrophes and thirty work in the unit that produces sigma, the industry-leading publication. At our Centre for Global Dialogue we host more than one-hundred events per year with clients and other experts on topics such as 3-D printing and cyber risk.

This thought leadership sets Swiss Re apart from the market and creates a foundation to create and sustain deep, long-lasting client relationships.

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Strategic objective four

Emphasise differentiation